Monday, October 03, 2005


I just saw the most beautiful meteor. What a fire ball! It's very clear tonight. Tim and I were walking Ryder, looking at the Milky Way, Sagitarius and Scorpio, and of course at the blinking lights of the planes flying in the flight path above us. I followed the sky up until I was looking overhead. A fire ball starting across the sky behind me-I was bending over backwards to follow it. It had the longest trail I have ever seen. The fire ball was bright white. Tim saw it just as it went out. He saw the color change to orange. I was watching but I was bent over backwards watching from a different angle and I didn't catch that. It started right above my head and went all the way across the sky to the NNE. What a sight. Thank you, Creator, for blessing us tonight with this beauty.

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Condoleesa said...

I had seen them when I lived in Ohio but they were more shooting stars.

When I moved to Texas, I saw one that looked like it finally burned up about 50 feet from the ground. It is interesting. I have never had anyone see the ones I have seen and I always take them as a sign from God. Mostly that he loves me and that I will get thru a hard time.