Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Oh, Dear

Sweety smells like a skunk this morning and he's a month past due on his rabies. I'm taking him to see the vet at 11:10. I'm sure he'll have fun doing that & so will I. Do I shower before or after? I smelled skunk when I took Elsie downstairs this morning but didn't smell it outside. Then Sweety wanted in the back door and I smelled it on him. At first I didn't think he got a direct hit but when I smelled his fur there was some stickiness and it smelled awful. Plus his right eye looks a little swollen. I hate letting my cat outside, and tried for 2 years to keep him inside but it became the biggest struggle and he was miserable. Now he goes outside every night in good weather and meets up with all the other nocturnal, rabid prone animals!!

Pray Sweety's okay.

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