Saturday, May 14, 2005

Home front

Tim took the boys and a friend to Baltimore for Games Workshop "Games Day". I'm sure they are having a blast. They made it in about 2.5 hrs. That is good time from Richmond. The boys are such homebodies. B went to a friend's around 3:00 yesterday and came home at 5:30. Another friend called to invite him over and he became so upset. He was overwhelmed and wanted to be at home. His friend had a lot of other kids in his neighborhood from his class and I think B. was extroverted out. He needed some time with other introverts (Brother and Dad).

This morning I went to Lowe's and Strange's (greenhouse) and got some gardening stuff. I'm turning over a new leaf and keeping my gardening tools together and clean, so I got a 5 gal bucket with organizing pockets to store my stuff. Then when I walk to the bed I just bring the bucket and don't have to keep coming back for stuff. I planted some black-eyed Susans (rudbeckia) and some of those annuals I had bought a week or so ago. I forgot what they were called. I planted a ton of pink petunias this spring and I am so glad because it has been dry for about 3 weeks. Petunias are so forgiving. I can't believe I've had to water in May! I love being outside and I love flowers.

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