Thursday, May 12, 2005

I rediscovered Ranier Rilke tonight..

"...let happy memories sustain you if your strength fails you, they are always there, and their current does not run backwards, even across foggy country it floats toward the future."
-Selected Letters of Rainer Maria Rilke

"Oh purity: Is it still possible? Is it possible still to be pure again? Is there a spring that would not be polluted by washing away one's shamefulness? Can such stained water still show itself in nature, which knows waste and ordure, but no evil, nothing opposed to herself, for she encompasses even what is most alien within her."
-Rilke and Benvenuta: an Intimate Correspondence

"Oh, how I believe in it, in life. Not that which makes up our time, but that other, the life of little things, the life of animals and of the great plains."
-Selected Letters of Rainer Maria Rilke

" life there is an immanent justice that fulfills itself slowly but without fail."
-Selected Letters of Rainer Maria Rilke

"Life is very singularly made to suprise us (where it does not utterly appall us)."
-Selected Letters of Rainer Maria Rilke

"I could give you no advice but this: to go into yourself and to explore the depths where your life wells forth."
-Letters to a Young Poet

And there is so much more. I haven't been writing because I don't think anyone reads my blog. I hope you do because these quotes from Rilke are jewels. Blessings!

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