Sunday, July 23, 2006


My Sweety, wonderful feline, has engaged in a startling behavior pattern of late. First, his personality. He's named Sweety (to my sons' chagrin) because he's so sweet. He has a wonderful sweet nature. Occasionally he'll get feisty and attack gently but for the most part he is sweet. He doesn't take any crap off anybody, though, or so I thought!

We have a trio of very aggressive mockingbirds. They hate Ryder and Sweety. Sweety is a hunter, and I've seen numerous creatures about the yard or taken from his special hiding place under the deck by Ryder. Yuck! Occasionally we will notice a scabby place on his head. Well, I finally know what causes them. I thought this was a possibility but I actually saw a mockingbird swoop down and peck him on his head! He seems strangely oblivious to it, though. He doesn't fight, he just sits there.

He's much more visible than he used to be, too. I see him across the street or around the yard. He used to hide all the time. This makes me wonder if he's tantalizing them.

When I hear the mockingbirds squawking I know Sweety is probably at the back door ready to come in. When we walk Ryder Sweety follows us and the mockingbirds follow him! Tim was letting Sweety in the front door the other day and the bird almost flew into the house.

It is the oddest thing. I don't think Sweety is hunting much right now, either. I haven't seen anything around the yard and Ryder isn't nosing around under the deck. I am thankful for that. I just can't figure out Sweety's passivity about the birds picking on him. Is he afraid of them? He doesn't flee, which is is usual fear indicator. I just don't know. It's like he seems almost resigned to it, just tolerating it.


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