Sunday, November 30, 2008

Haven't created many cards lately...


I can't find my camera batterty charger, either, but I know it will turn up. I had to stuff all my craft stuff into one end of my studio to make room for Thanksgiving for 22 people. I didn't have to cook much at all, but it was quite a day. My sister was here from IN with her family, as well as my sister & friend, my brother and his family, my folks. Tim's folks (from Williamsburg), Tim's brother & wife & daughter (from Gloucester, VA) and 1 uncle and aunt (from Va. Beach). My only regret is not having more time with my sisters. We left the next day to go see my elderly cousin in NC. Stayed at a great place, the J and L Tourist House. If you are ever in Belhaven, NC, it's a wonderful, warm place to stay.

Thanksgiving evening I lay down at 5pm for a little rest and work back up at 7am the next morning, then had to leave for NC. It's raining here and I'm sitting here with my little girl, Elsie.

Tim went to church without me and I feel guilty for not going, but I'm really wanting to go at my studio and start creating again. It feels so good to be at home, in my quiet house. The boys are still asleep, but they are quiet anyway; so is Tim. I gave away quite a few cards as gifts so I want to replenish my supply and see what I can do with making some with a contemporary flair. You'll see them here!! Although it would be great to get candles in the windows and my tree up...

Blessings to all!

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Kariberry said...

what a cute dog! Is she a Cocker?
We just bought a Cocker puppy 2 weeks ago, We love him!