Monday, April 11, 2005

10 K and gas mileage

Whew! I feel so much better than I did yesterday. I was incredibly sore from the 10k yesterday. My feet hurt, etc. Today I feel much better. I am so thankful. I didn't think I'd be able to mow the grass today but it looks like I will. Right now I should be changing the laundry over. Let me go do that. Yeah, today it's just a little muscle soreness. Yesterday it was bone soreness. My feet hurt plus I had some blisters that were hurting. Anyway, all better now. Thank you, God.

Gas mileage. I just read that some of the used Toyota hybrids like the Prius were selling for over the listing price for new ones. I'm glad people are thinking about saving fuel again. In 1983, I bought a Honda Civic CRX. It cost $8000.00. It got 60 miles highway, 50 city. I drove it for 9 years and in the end it still got about 48 miles to the gallon. In 1993 I bought a 1991 model of the same car, same gas mileage for $8000.00. I drove it for 7 years until I became married and had 2 kids and started driving a 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I feel guilty all the time for driving it but we can't afford a new car. I'm waiting for Toyota's Highlander hybrid to come out. What I don't understand about the smaller cars like the Prius is why can't you just use a gas engine and get the mileage I got on my CRX? Just wondering. I haven't done enough research to really know, but I have been wondering when I see this great mileage of 36 miles to the gallon on cars when I know Honda was making one which got 50-60 mpg in 1983. Oh, well. I am asking God for guidance on my next car. I drive cars for 7-9 years at a time so I want something to last me a while. I'm older (and heavier, unfortunately) now so some of those tiny cars might be uncomfortable.

Just the usual ramblings....

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