Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Yahoo! News - U.S. Blacks Lag Behind Whites in Money, Jobs -Report

Yahoo! News - U.S. Blacks Lag Behind Whites in Money, Jobs -Report

I can't believe this is still so. Well, actually I do. Until we fully understand the real history of racism in this country, and realize what I call the "instituitonal racism" that still exists, nothing is going to change. If you live in America, you come from a culture of racism. You have to work consciously on changing this for yourself. So few of us do. I wish people understood this issue better. I am not black. I am white. I constantly am working on my own racism. It starts with noticing-how would this news report appear to a black child watching it? I'm not talking about the aforementioned report, but a report that ran on one of our local stations in Richmond years ago. I still remember it. It was a report on crime in a certain area of town. Yes, blacks are in this part of town more than the burbs but it is still a predominantly white area near the VCU campus. The report was talking about the rise in crime. It showed whites at a bar having a drink, then it showed a young black man being arrested. I noticed. I wrote a letter to the station. This is what we, as whites, have to learn to do. I fall back all the time, but I try. Think about that little boy watching that news report. What does it convey to him?

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Yosha said...

I thought I start at the beginning of your blog and go fwd (this will take me a couple of days!) but when I read this it reminded me of a conversation I had with my best friend over the weekend. She lives in DC works for the government...she is a scientist.

She told me this story of going to lunch with a couple of work mates and this women from an ajacent lab in the middle of the conversation made a racist remark so nonchalently that it took my bf a second to process. Apparently once she realized it and looked around she just noticed everyone else wincing but that's it.

Later she found out that this women (mid 40's) makes racist remarks all the time (working at the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT!) and no one says anything.

First in this day an age I don't know how she could be so unaware. Plus we are not talking about a stupid person, to be in that work place she has to have higher education and hey even basic high school makes you aware of the world.

My friend was appalled that she does this and more that she doesn't realize what she is saying is so discriminatory. I am more appalled that everyone around this women realizes she says this and is individually upset but no one steps ups to say anything.

I will grant that they may not change this women's mind, fine, but they should at least stand up and make it clear to this women that her comments are racist and not welcome in their presence!

Long story short, good for you for taking action! I honestly can't say i would have taken the time to pen letter.