Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Beautiful April Day

Andy's birthday was Sunday. We celebrated Sat. with him and friends to Laser Quest then CiCi's for all you can eat pizza & cake. Then Sunday I had a meeting of all the parents of kids going to Europe at my house. I was nervous about that because I don't know most of these people. It went well. I made Memom's pound cake and it was a hit. Sunday evening we went to dinner for just the 4 of us to celebrate his day. We went to Fridays. Last night Mom, Dad and Lynn came over to celebrate. As usual, an extended birthday. Everything went well. Oh, here in a Richmond suburb 2 kids fought at a high school and were suspended for fighting. Eyewitnesses had seen a gun; the next day it was found, loaded, in the clinic bathroom. Lovely! Now, I read that the other kid (without the gun) is still suspended! Okay, I am sure there is more to the story, but I just don't see any alternative. Wouldn 't one need to defend oneself from an armed opponent? I just pray for all involved there. Guns are too available, enabling kids to make snap life and death decisions. God, please keep children safe in our schools.

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